Nordic and Baltic countries

Alcohol industry interference
NordAN conference 2021 in Vilnius

The theme of the 2021 edition of the NordAN conference was the exposure of the major players interfering with the alcohol policy making process. On the one hand, the alcohol industry, with its lobbying and marketing practices, and on the other hand certain political ideologies, which contradict some of the best evidence-based policies. Moreover, there is a risk of 'bad data' undermining good quality science available. Speakers at the event included representatives of civil society organizations, public health and sociology researchers, and members of the Lithuanian Parliament.  

The Norwegian Petrol Fund’s investments in the alcohol industry account for around 12 billion euros. Investments in a product that is harmful to health and creates major social problems should not be tolerated as a ‘ethical’ investment. Moreover, these investments should not become a political tool for foreign policy.

linas slusnys

Linas Slušnys, MP
NordAN conference 2021 in Vilnius

Florence Berteletti - Secretary General

Farm sales in Sweden - Emil Juslin (IOGT NTO Sweden)

The need for good data - Marianne Skar (former Eurocare Secretary General)