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Health risks of alcohol consumption
Alcohol & Cancer

On the occasion of AWARH 2021, the Trimbos Instituut put together a video to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer. While some cancer-causing factors are not preventable (for instance, genetics), alcohol consumption is among the factors that are. The public was also invited to take a test to check their knowledge of alcohol with the following tool:

Alcohol Knowledge Tool

7 dingen die je moet weten over alcohol en kanker from Trimbos-instituut.
The need to protect young people
Zien Drinken, Doen Drinken

There is research suggesting that adults drinking in front of children can significantly increase the likelihood of the latter starting to drink at a young age (1). While parents are generally aware of this, 1 in 3 - especially fathers - drink when children are around, according to a preliminary study conducted by AAN.  

The goal of the ‘Zien Drinken, Doen Drinken’ (translated literally as ‘See drinking, Do drinking’) was to convey this piece of evidence to the public, in an attempt to change behaviour. This was achieved by a series of videos published on social media and traditional media, alongside webinars organised for parents across all Dutch regions. The campaign also endorsed the WHO SAFER initiative, particularly its recommendations on the restriction of alcohol availability. 

Zien Drinken, Doen Drinken